Terminal box, etc.

Six-gas terminal box, terminal box, valve box, three-gas nurse station alarm box, double loop secondary voltage regulator box, nurse station pressure monitoring box, nurse station pressure alarm monitoring box, gas busbar

Other Accessories

Stainless steel high-pressure hose, oxygen hose, suction hose, outer cover, vent pipe, humidification bottle, suction meter valve, oxygen maintenance valve, one-way valve, stop valve, safety valve, secondary regulator, jacket nut, welding nozzle , Ball welded joint

Various types of plugs

Ventilator plug V type terminal plug German standard plug American standard plug British standard plug

Various types of terminals

i-type terminal II-type terminal v-type terminal New v-type terminal British standard terminal German standard terminal American standard terminal German standard terminal New V-type terminal German standard terminal

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The company mainly designs and produces rail-type infusion stands, special isolation rails for hospital beds, medical curtains, PVC handrails, wall panels, wall corners, central oxygen supply accessories and other products.


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