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Health sector

Health sector

2017/08/03 15:56
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Nowadays, the domestic hospital is facing "Internet + medical" of the stormy sea, what should go from here?
September 10, familiar with the field of Liu Fan guest health sector flagship section "medical hall", open heart, online users to answer questions. Liu Fan, the domestic hospital information construction man of the situation, Peking University People's Hospital assistant and CIO, mobile medical special committee first chairman.
This issue of "medical hall" by the health sector editor Ma Lin presided over. The following is an excerpt from Q & A:
Leafbuds: Push or pull, public hospital managers mainly consider what?
Liu Fan: medical quality and safety, patient service and hospital operation.
Li Zijun: mobile medical Ye Hao, telemedicine worth mentioning, in fact, technology is no longer a problem, can promote the total obstacles, why do you think the reasons?
Liu Fan: personally think that the reason is to promote the purpose of mobile medical care, if it is business to promote, of course, difficult, if the hospital from their own needs, to promote it will be handy.
Good mobile medical solutions, must be able to solve the needs of users. What is the real needs of users, if not clear, with technology to persuade users, will be difficult.
Medical care: hospital managers interested in "embrace" mobile medical treatment, many doctors, nurses, executives are more contradictory, do not want to break the years of operating habits. Faced with this situation, Liu Yuanchang what break the trick?
Liu Fan: I think the emergence of mobile medicine is the inevitable result of the development of technology to the present, mobile medical care like computers and laptops to change the hospital management and doctor work mode, will be the hospital and the doctor's service model to the mobile terminal The
Health care workers use habits are not forced to change, but to use a good mobile medical solutions to attract health care workers to use, as no one forced you to use the trick and other mobile phone app, because the product itself to bring you convenience , We will go to use. Now a lot of mobile medical reason people have tasteless, I think they have not really want to understand how to attract or how to solve the needs of users.
Smoked lungs: where is the biggest obstacle to the development of mobile medical care? How is the enthusiasm of the doctor mobilized?
Liu Fan: hospital development of mobile medical needs and the needs of doctors is not consistent. Hospitals want to use mobile medical services to patients, doctors want to use mobile medicine to simplify the work process, improve work efficiency, as much as possible to collect the patient's data. Therefore, the solution is different for different needs. Do not use the purpose of the business to the doctor to create demand, and now many app is not a doctor, but let the doctor service app, how can the doctor have the initiative?
Liang Liangliang city oxygen -weixin: hospital embrace the Internet medical, will not feel that the already busy medical work? Will not be afraid of Internet medical robbery excellent doctor team?
Liu Fan: fear is no use, let the market decision. Doctors even if not taken away by the Internet, maybe also have their own practice. Therefore, the outstanding doctors do not work in the hospital, with the emergence of medical care does not matter, but more convenient it.
May Ka: In the past two years, there have been many hospitals and mobile medical companies to carry out a different degree of cooperation, how do you focus on these areas of cooperation? What kind of attempts did your Peking University People's Hospital do in this area? In addition, from the perspective of the hospital how to look at the recent hot mobile medical market? thank!
Liu Fan: You asked the question more or less in the reply just now involved. At present, Peking University People's Hospital mainly uses mobile medical solution to serve medical care, service patients and service hospital. The biggest value here is how to get through the full service of the patient.
Ty123cn2000: a lot of people to mobile medical treatment as a practice of change and opportunities, how to understand the teacher Liu "opportunity"?
Liu Fan: I personally think that the emergence of mobile medical similar to the medical information on the hospital changes, and now no hospital managers will discuss the hospital should not be on the information, but 20 years ago, this problem is still in the discussion of. It is now discussing that medical education should not be the same.
Wu Ning health sector: Peking University People's Hospital HIMMSS7 put about how much of its cost-effective how? Do you think hospitals have a need for a HIMMSS rating?
Liu Fan: the rating process itself does not need to put anything, the rating standard is like a baton, told the hospital should do what, what is the most valuable, step by step to build and improve the construction process is the need to invest. We participate in the rating is not to rating the rating, but with the rating criteria to guide our development, and this part of the investment has also brought to the hospital a safe and quality improvement and other very valuable returns.
Redwriter: How do you see the current mobile medical platform for doctors and patients? What do you think their best profit model is?
Liu Fan: The core business of the social mobile medical platform is to connect the hospital and the patient together to provide a mobile solution for the hospital's services to facilitate the patient, which is the basic logic. But if the hospital's resources are not open to the social mobile medical platform, this logic does not exist. If so, talk about business model?
Liang Liangliang City Oxygen -weixin: Internet + medical care is not at least should understand the medical, understand the health management, understand the public health management to hold home? Oh, now the basic is not, there is little crowd for the public health concept of people in this area? why? I think app dead too fast, clove, spring rain, good doctor really earn money? Are their daring dare to open? The direction is wrong ...
Liu Fan: Internet + medical or medical + Internet, in principle, are using new technologies to transform the traditional services, but the nature of the service and the core is still under the line process, each app must face a practical problem, that is, how to really lead On and off, if the problem is not resolved, the core of mobile medical does not exist.
What do you think of the impact of the National Development Program Program on the development of medical information?
Liu Fan: National Big Data Development Action Platform is only a programmatic document, and there is no specific measures to promote and path. I personally think that this can only show that the state is aware of the strategic importance of large data, but how to make big data play a role, still far away.
Large data on the promotion of medical information is that we pay more attention to information technology in the process of accumulation and mining data, use, no longer simply to build information and information technology, but from the perspective of data to build information , Re-play the value of the data, I think this is the big data for us to bring the greatest benefits.
HappyIsSoEasy: mobile technology Although the technology is not a problem, but the technology is also a problem, I would like to ask Liu teachers should pay attention to what technology?
Liu Fan: cloud computing technology, Iaas, Paas, Saas, mobile medical future and even the future of hospital information, must be in the direction of cloud computing development. From the investment benefit ratio, if you can hire equipment, purchase services, who will buy assets? When the car service appears, drop the taxi everywhere, who will go to buy a car to travel. I think the hospital information will certainly enter the future of light assets, low-cost era.
Ma Lin: I would like to ask a question for friends: now there are 1 billion people around the world difficult to obtain medical services protection, Liu Zhuren think mobile medicine can do for this?
Liu Fan: mobile medical treatment can solve the convenience and timeliness of medical services, but can not solve the problem of lack of medical resources, medical itself is a line of business, if there is no doctor, what can not solve the problem of service security.
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